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    Tudor Timbering

    Tudor timbering can be genuine or fake. Here is an example of a 20th century building that has been made to look older than it really is. A genuine Tudor timber frame building has a load-bearing timber frame that supports it, and very often the exposed timbers are treated with a black preservative to make them stand out and look authentic. A replica however supports itself on its brick walls, to which are applied half-timbers – from a distance they look like the real thing, and can give any building a Tudor makeover and a new lease of life.

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    A colourful time of the year

    Spring colours are in abundance during April and May, but remember that unwanted greenery can also grow very quickly in the spring sunshine. Giving plants and shrubs proper breathing space around them, free of weeds, will always help to show them off to their best advantage. Nowadays we often use our front gardens for parking cars, but if you have an area of tended garden at the front of your home, this will make your house stand out from the ground!

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    No hanging around

    One thing we always avoid at Quick Step Online Estate Agents, is waiting around hoping something might happen. If it needs to be done, we make sure it gets done, so that our service is true to our name – Quick Step!


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    The Ilex Avenue, Goring-by-Sea

    This avenue of Ilex Oak trees was planted during the Nineteenth Century, to create a carriage entrance to Goring Hall, near Worthing. This species of Oak tree is a native of the Mediterranean area, and is unusual because it is an evergreen. The avenue is no longer used by traffic, and is now preserved as a local amenity for walkers and wildlife.


    Go With The Flow!

    Here is an amazing range of 29 locks at Caen Hill, on the Kennet and Avon Canal in Wiltshire. They became derelict in the last century due to lack of use, but they have now been lovingly restored to full working order, and are regularly used by canal boats.

    Selling your home can also be a multi-stage process, and at Quick Step we can help you negotiate all of the “obstacles, barriers and gates!”


    New Use For Phone Box

    This disused telephone box forms an integral part of the village scene, in Limpley Stoke in Wiltshire. After the telephone was removed, the box was turned into the village library, looked after by a local volunteer librarian. Anyone can donate books to the library, but due to limited space only a selection of these are included.

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    Blast From The Past

    Museums are an important feature of the Western World. This handsome Edwardian building is the Worthing Museum, opened in 1908. By the turn of the Nineteenth Century, Worthing had become a popular retirement location for people returning from the far-flung corners of the British Emplire, and they brought with them memorabilia of all kinds – much of this was eventually donated to the museum.┬áTo this day, the Worthing Museum claims to be the largest in West Sussex.

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    The Burmese Gate

    This wonderfully atmospheric structure, located in the village of Storrington, West Sussex, was brought all the way from Burma many years ago. The intricate wood carving and oriental sloping roof turn this structure into an intriguing landmark, which stimulates the curiosity of local residents and visitors alike.

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    Rainwater Harvesting

    Rainwater harvesting is becoming more popular these days, particularly for watering a garden, but also for other uses that do not require water to be of drinkable quality. This water butt has been cleverly squeezed in between a garage and a fence – it is also possible to install underground water storage tanks fed by rainwater gutters, to provide a higher volume supply of rainwater throughout the year.

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    Kerb Appeal

    It’s amazing how small changes to the exterior decor of a property can transform the overall appearance, and create a new and exciting image. Modern homes often have PVCu frame windows, which do not require maintenance, so you could choose to introduce simple additional features, like these shutters, which can easily be redecorated periodically, in a different colour.