The key to successful home selling is to be aware of your aims and objectives from the word “go.” Establish a timescale for your move, and be clear about the type of property you wish to move to in due course.

Once you have set clear goals, it is then much easier to work out your framework for the home moving process. For you as the home owner, it is important to stay positive about your own home, and also about the prospect of the property becoming a successful new home for your incoming purchasers.

Once you know your plan, Quick Step Online Estate Agents will be able to assist you in many important ways.

Firstly, together we can establish the main advantages and selling points of your home – the things that made you want to live there in the first place. Secondly, it’s important to establish the key features of your home that will attract a buyer – these could include anything from a fantastic kitchen and bathroom to a secluded or large garden, or even the potential for extending or arranging a loft conversation. Each home is different, and Quick Step Online Estate Agents will be pleased to work with you to identify these key features, and make sure they are highlighted on our website and on your sale particulars.

Key selling points are not always large or expensive improvements already made to your home – sometimes smaller features such as the attention you have paid to the detail of caring for your home, will create a welcoming atmosphere for purchasers, which will have a positive effect.

bckAlways be positive and upbeat about the proposals or plans that purchasers may discuss with you or with us – some purchasers may want to alter your property in the future in ways which would not be your personal choice – however, remember that these possibilities will be important to your purchasers and therefore will be encouraging them to offer a good price for your home.

Many purchasers are very keen to get moving quickly, and they could be put off if they find that you as the seller are having difficulty finding a home to move on to. It’s therefore great if you can already have earmarked a next purchase that you are aiming for, even if you have not yet reached the stage of putting in an offer for your next home. This will give your purchaser confidence that you are serious about moving, and they are not wasting their time.

Forward planning is also important to a successful deal – once your purchaser has agreed to buy your property, everyone will be keen to get moving quickly – it is therefore important to have in mind which firm of solicitors and which removal firm you will be using, and get quotes from these people in advance, so that you are ready to instruct them once a deal has been arranged with your purchaser.


Most people start their search for a home on the internet, and so this is probably where you will wish to commence your search.

The important points to have in mind to start with are your price range, the location you wish to move to and the type of property you wish to buy.

If you have a home to sell, you will probably know roughly the price you are likely to achieve on the sale, and so it will be possible to establish your price range according to your personal circumstances. Do bear in mind that various additional costs are involved with buying a home, and these need to be factored into your calculations – for example, from the funds you have available to purchase your home, you will need to deduct removal costs, solicitors fees, estate agents fees, stamp duty, etc.

You may know the location you wish to move to already, but sometimes the precise location of your next home is less of a priority than other factors, such as proximity to amenities or the type of home you wish to buy. Even if you do not have a precise location in mind for your next home, it is a good idea to have a broad geographical search area in mind, otherwise your search will be without boundaries and could become unmanageable.

Hispanic couple outside new homeThirdly it’s important to define the key features of your next home that are important to you – for example, you may prefer older properties, or alternatively a home of a more modern design. How many bedrooms do you need? How many bathrooms? What size garden? Do you require a garage?

Are there types of locations that you definitely would not wish to move to? Such as being near a busy road, or close to an airport?

Many people have in mind the type of building they wish to buy, such as a house, or a bungalow or an apartment – however, the more flexible you can be about the type of home you are searching for, the more likely you are to find a suitable proposition.

And remember, looking for a new home requires a degree of energy and commitment. It’s often great fun, but finding the property that is just right for you can take time, and it is sometimes necessary to be prepared to view many properties before you can decide which one is for you. It therefore pays to do a little research beforehand on any property that you wish to arrange a viewing – so that you do not waste time or have a wasted journey, it’s great if you can know beforehand as much about the property as you can find out from the estate agent’s particulars, or from the internet generally. Do have a chat with the estate agents on the telephone before doing a viewing – they will be pleased to tell you all about the property beforehand, and at the same time you can make sure that it does not have any features which you definitely would not accept.Quick Step For Sale

Once you have found the home you wish to buy, it is then important to establish that the sellers are in a position to proceed promptly, and check as far as you can that there are no other obstacles to get in the way of making your next move a highly successful one.

Good luck and best wishes from Quick Step Online Estate Agents.